Our Statement

Star Academy trust was founded in September 2016. It is a Multi Academy Trust, and currently works with one primary school in Nantwich. We strongly believe in the powers of partnership and collaboration; we see this as essential in providing high quality education for young people in the future. We are seeking other schools that share our beliefs, ethos and values and hope to develop mutually beneficial partnerships within the trust.

We provide education for children from 2-11 years, based on a broad and enriching curriculum to engage and support students, personalised to accommodate individual aptitudes and needs. We insist on excellence in the quality of classroom teaching, and the trust continues to develop its systems to assess the strengths and areas for development of all staff, operating an evidence-based approach to what is happening in classrooms. Arrangements are in place to offer support and develop staff to fulfil their goals. The school is developing a relaxed collegiate culture in which teaching, and classroom management ideas are shared unselfishly, and challenges acknowledged without fear of blame. The trust sets challenging targets and uses a variety of leading edge strategies to assess and track pupils’ progress. These arrangements are supported by sophisticated information technology to which all relevant staff have access and training. The trust strives to be highly inclusive, having regard for the educational progress, personal development and wellbeing of every student, proving that socio economic disadvantage need not be a barrier to achievement. The school focuses on the professional development of all staff, ensuring it is relevant, continuous and of high quality. Building and retaining links with parents and local communities is an essential component of our schools’ strategy, integral to raising aspirations and ambitions for children. The trust is open to, and committed to partnering with other schools that share its values.


CoreValuesWorking Together

  • create safe, secure and inspiring environments
  • ensure that all aspects of child development remain central to everything we do, including well-being and resilience
  • provide support and career development opportunities for all members of staff
  • engage with our communities to ensure local needs are met
  • develop confidence through participation
  • consider their own strengths and set personal goals for improvement
  • pursue individual interests in a manner which broadens horizon
  • identify the strengths in everyone (pupils and staff) and ensure opportunities are in place to develop these and nuture talent
  • value the school community and stakeholders
  • exhibit good manners at all times
  • demonstrate tolerance of others with different opinions and beliefs
  • care for and respect school premises, facilities, each other and the wider community
  • Take pride in achievement
  • Raise aspirations and aim high in everything we do
  • Ensure that a 'can do' attitude runs through the veins of every pupil and member of staff


  • environments where all children feel safe, valued, positive and happy
  • individual's talents and to strive to help everyone achieve (including academic, personal, artistic, sport)
  • a rich curriculum, together with a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • healthy life choices and good citizenship based on the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, cultures and lifestyles
  • highly effective partnerships and collaboration that will mutally enhance provision for pupils in all our schools
  • a supportive teaching and learning environment so that all staff are valued and can reach their true potential

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